Chief Executive Officer

Gaborone – South-East – Botswana

Funeral Services Group (FSG) Limited is looking for an experienced and dedicated Chief Executive Officer who can lead the team with an effective business strategy that optimizes the company’s growth. The ideal candidate will assume responsibility for the staff, oversee team initiatives, and help make robust, data-driven corporate decisions that elevate the company’s financial and operational performance. As the senior leader at FSG, the CEO will foster a positive, inspiring, and collaborative work environment that empowers employees to actively work toward companywide goals.
Key Responsibilities & Functions
  • Establish credibility, authority and managerial responsibility as Chief Executive Officer, being in complete charge of the management of all functions and departments of FSG and its subsidiaries.
  • Effectively, manage, develop, expand, and promote the business of the group and its subsidiaries. Contribute to the growth and profitability of the Group by implementing a culture of excellence, innovation and continuous improvement in all facets of the FSG.
  • Assist the Board of Directors in growing the business and gain immediate acceptance by the Shareholders and Members of the Board of Directors as an individual with strong leadership qualities as well as professional integrity.
  • Implement the strategy adopted by the Board of Directors, including establishing new business ventures in Botswana and elsewhere, and implement new initiatives approved by the Board.
  • Take actions in accordance with the guidance of the Board of Directors in improving the business processes and internal controls, designing and implementing new systems, and encouraging innovation.
  • Monitor and effectively control the Operations, Finance, Manufacturing, Human Resources, Service, Retail, Wholesale, and Cemetery divisions of the business.
  • Provide periodic management reports to the Board of Directors in such format as may be required and attend the Board meetings and brief the Directors on developments in the business.
  • Ensure compliance with fiscal, employment, commercial, industrial, and corporate legislation and regulations while complying with prescribed standards of good corporate governance.
  • Determine and drive, in conjunction with the Board’s strategic vision, the objectives and operating priorities (both medium and long-term) of the Group. Achieve financial and non-financial goals set by the Board.
  • Develop a strong and motivated team of direct reports. Provide leadership, mentorship and coaching to the executive team.  Drive culture change to encourage adherence to company values and attainment of strategic objectives.
  • Develop and lead the execution of the company’s ESG strategy.
  • Perform such other tasks as may be delegated by the Directors of the company from time to time, including inputs on developing training programs for management and staff.
  • Build a positive image of the Group and its unique products to both customers and other relevant stakeholders, be the face of the Group.
Qualifications, Experience & Knowledge
  • A minimum of seven (7) years of relevant experience in executive-level management, with a minimum of five (5) years of progressive leadership experience, demonstrating an ability to balance visionary work with the tactical day-to-day management in a private sector environment with a work force in the hundreds.
  • Strong business acumen, financial literacy, demonstrable high level decision-making experience and P&L responsibility is essential.
  • Knowledge of insurance is advantageous.
All inquiries, and applications (including curriculum vitae and a two-to-three-page letter of interest responding to the opportunities and challenges outlined above) should be submitted prior to the deadline. Confidential enquiries can be made to Sesaleteng Seabe at or Stuart White at
Closing date for applications is 29 September 2023. Early submissions are encouraged.